Repaint or Car Wrap? Things to Consider


Like us humans, a vehicle will eventually show its age. Unlike us humans, you can make your car look like new again fairly quickly and easily. The only problem you have is to choose the best way to do that: repaint the car or use a car wrap.

Previously used mainly to put advertising on commercial vehicles, vinyl wraps for cars have more recently been used to quickly change a car’s colour, create the appearance of a custom paint job and even get a matte or metallic finish.


Vehicle wraps can seem like a great option in almost every case of repainting or refinishing a car’s exterior. But you should consider the following before choosing the wrap route.

  1. Scratches – If any part of a vinyl wrap is scratched, the entire panel may need to be replaced. With a paint finish, only the scratch itself may need to be repaired if you use a professional shop for car scratch repair in Toronto.
  2. Wraps Only Work on Solid Paint – If the current paint finish is not up to ‘scratch’ (sorry, couldn’t help it!) then you will need to at least apply some paint protection before you apply the vinyl wrap. In worst case scenarios, you’ll have to repaint the car anyway, or at least some sections of it, before applying the wrap.
  3. You’ll Need to Rewrap – Most quality car wraps last about five years before needing to be removed to rewrap the car. A quality automotive paint application protected by a ceramic clear coat can last for the lifetime of your vehicle.

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