The use of aluminum in automobile body components and frames has become widespread as North America auto manufacturers adapt to improving fuel economy. Though the use of aluminum is not new to the automotive industry (Audi has been using it since the 90’s) it has quickly gained widespread use. Such as, the 2015 Ford F-150 pickup truck body and box is made entirely from aluminum.

You chose a vehicle made by aluminum because you enjoy peak performance and increase efficiency. If you want the same level of performance for your aluminum body repair work, whether it’s a small dent or a major repair, Leons Auto Body is the right choice.  We are one of the few certified aluminum body repair shops in the Greater Toronto Area with auto shops in North York and Richmond Hill.


Your car’s or truck’s aluminum frame and body are a complex system of interconnected parts. Even minor collisions can affect places that are far from the point of impact. We are an authorized Celette® Collision Repair Shop, specializing in auto body repair for any vehicle with an aluminum body, including Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover & Ford.

  • Certified Aluminum Technicians

    Certified Aluminum Repair Technicians

    We are certified Celette® aluminum repair technicians and there’s a big difference between working with aluminum and steel. If it’s not done by a qualified technician, it will never be right.

  • Auto Body Repair Service

    Specialized Aluminum Repair Tools & Equipment

    When dented or bent, aluminum must be reshaped into its original form. That can only be done with the right machinery. Like the industry-leading Celette® equipment at Leons.

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    Dedicated Aluminum Body Repair Station

    Aluminum and steel don’t mix. In fact, they are corrosive to each other. The tiniest particle from one will damage the other. Leons features a separated aluminum body repair station, with its own tools and equipment, to ensure that when your car is fixed, it stays that way.


Leons Auto Body has invested in the tools and training to provide aluminum repair services. Unfortunately, aluminum is more difficult to repair than steel. Repairing vehicles with aluminum damage requires special welders and frame machines and we have the tools and training to return your vehicle back to its original condition.  Leon has gone the extra mile and created a dedicated aluminum repair station to prevent cross-contamination of steel and aluminum, ensuring that all vehicles are repaired using a factory-like environment.

If you have a vehicle made with aluminum, there is only one choice for its repair, Leons Auto Body.

Guaranteed for Life: Leons is so confident that we are your best choice for aluminum auto body repair in Toronto, we offer a lifetime warranty on all the work we do for you.