How To Maintain Your Tesla


You’re already well aware of the first thing you must know about how to maintain a Tesla. Whether you’re an owner of a top-of-the-line Tesla Model S, or a Model 3, or if driving a Tesla is still just a dream, you know this is a car with a difference. And maintaining it is different to other cars too.

Without all the complexity and parts that wear out in an internal combustion engine, electric vehicles can be somewhat more economical to maintain. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many options for DIY maintenance for the same reason.


That lack of DIY options doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot you can do to get more mileage out of your Tesla vehicle.

  1. Consider a Tesla Maintenance Plan – The basic Tesla service plan is to offer annual service inspections (or every 20,000 kms, whichever comes first). You can opt to simply pay for the service as you use it, or choose a 3-year of 4-year Maintenance Plan that includes the service inspections for a lower total cost. Going with a Maintenance Plan is as easy as logging onto your Tesla account and paying for it.
  2. Maximize the Life of Your Ion Battery – If you charge the battery for a long road trip using the “Max” charge, try to do so right before your head out on the trip. Leaving the battery for any length of time at full charge without driving the car may reduce the battery’s life. Try not to leave the battery at maximum charge for longer than 8 hours without driving it.
  3. Get Auto Body Repairs at Tesla-Certified Body Shops – Many Tesla body panels are an alloy of aluminum and steel. Unlike steel-alone, or fibreglass body panels, aluminum requires specialized equipment, trained technicians and even strict guidelines for the service areas. If you get your Tesla repaired at a non-approved shop, you do so at your own risk of the car never being quite right.

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