Leon’s Auto body is proud to announce their certification as an official Tesla service center. Tesla drivers in Toronto and the rest of Ontario will now be able to take advantage of our expertise and attention to detail to get the most enjoyment out of their vehicles.

Tesla Model S drivers in Toronto and all of Ontario will now be able to get their vehicles serviced at Leon’s Auto Body, a Tesla certified auto body repair shop.

For many who aren’t enthusiasts, the Tesla S is simply “The Tesla”. It’s confirmation that, in a relatively short time (it’s amazing to think that the flagship Tesla Model S hit Toronto’s streets only in 2012) the Model S has become iconic as the face of the first broadly available marque of all-electric vehicles in the world.

As an icon of the Tesla brand, the S brings with it everything that Tesla represents. With an official EPA range of 550 kms, the 2017 Model S 100D is among the longest-ranged full-sized all-electric vehicles in the world. It continues to sport an unprecedented 5.0 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration automobile safety rating and, with its Ludicrous mode in action, the P100D claims a 0 to 60 mph time of 2.5 seconds.

It’s too bad every car wasn’t a Model S. And, because they are not, it means you never know when you’ll get a ding in the mall parking lot, or a dent at the stop light from a conventional vehicle. When you do, you’ll need a Tesla certified auto body shop, like Leons Auto Body.


As a certified Tesla auto body repair shop, Leon’s Auto Body provides specialized services for Tesla Model X drivers in Toronto and all of Ontario.

You would think that, being first to market with the Model S would be enough for Tesla. But you don’t build a lasting automotive marque by resting on your laurels. SUVs remain a popular body style and Tesla chose the SUV class for its second major vehicle launch, the Tesla Model X full-sized luxury SUV.

Based on the Model S platform, the reliability of the X hasn’t been the issue it usually is for new models. Combining the low emissions of an all-electric vehicle, its year-round surefootedness, 7-passenger seating and surprising cargo capacity, the Tesla Model X is an Ontario driver’s dream.

Even better, now that Leons Auto Body is a Tesla-certified auto body shop, your dealership is not the only place for collision expert repairs to your Tesla Model X in Toronto.


Tesla Model 3 drivers looking to get their vehicles serviced at a Tesla certified auto body shop can come into Leon’s Auto Body, a trusted shop servicing Toronto and all of Ontario

How long was the wait for the Tesla Model 3 in Ontario? Interminable isn’t the word. But at least you got on the waiting list. Priced around $35,000 and with the available Tesla Model 3 Ontario rebate, this is the first Tesla that’s within budget for so many drivers in the province.

But a great price doesn’t mean compromise. Perhaps the best thing about the Model 3 is that it’s every inch a Tesla. While the figures may not be as impressive as those of the S, they are impressive none-the-less, including better 0 to 100 km/h times than a BMW 330i, an up to 500 km all-electric range, and all the hardware to be completely self-driving when the ability is optionally available in the future.

Not only in the Model 3 the most affordable Tesla, but now it can be professionally serviced economically too at Leons Auto Body, your local Tesla-certified auto body shop.