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Car Paint

6 Tips for Washing Your Car to Protect its Paint Finish

July 27 2018 |
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Summer time means fun in the sun. But it can also mean chores that you don’t have in winter, like cleaning the windows and taking care of the lawn. But there’s one summertime ‘chore’ that many drivers look forward to. Washing the car by hand. But, just like everything else about car care, there’s a… Read More

3 Things to Look for After Your Car has Had a Collision Repair

Even if it was only minor, it’s very difficult to tell exactly what’s been done to your car when you’ve had a collision repair. Yes, the part that was dented and scratched is no longer dented, the scratch is gone and the paint looks nice and shiny. But other than that, how do you know… Read More

What to do When Your Car’s Paint is Scratched or Chipped

August 09 2017 |
Posted in: NewsCar Paint |

Probably every car owner has felt the same sinking feeling when they see the first scratch in the paint of their new(ish) car. It’s like the first sign that the car isn’t ‘new’ any more. With the added mileage your car gets in the summer, chances are higher that you’ll also pick up a new… Read More

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