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3 Ways to Minimize Scratches in Your Vehicle’s Paint Finish

October 29 2018 |
Posted in: NewsCar PaintTips |

It happens every time. You buy a new vehicle. You do everything you can to keep it looking brand new. But, one day, sooner or later, there it is. The first scratch in your new car’s paint finish. In a way, that first scratch means your car isn’t ‘new’ any longer.

It’s virtually impossible to keep your vehicle scratch-free for its entire life, but there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the number and severity of scratches your car, truck or SUV suffers.

How to Reduce Scratches in Your Car’s Paint Finish

Try one or more of the following tips to avoid scratching your vehicle.

1. Don’t lean on Your Car or Put Things On It

Sure, it looks cool when you lean on your car and cross your ankles, a’la Steve McQueen. But chances are, even if your car is clean, there are small bits of dirt on it. They are like tiny stones on your car’s finish. When you lean on the car, all of the pressure from your body weight pushes those teeny stones into the finish and scratches it. The same thing can happen when you put anything on your car, not matter how harmless it seems.

2. Pick Your Parking Spot

You love your car. But the person who parks beside it couldn’t care less. From doors opening into your car to people brushing by it as they come and go, parking lots are one of the most damaging places for a car. Especially for scratches. Take the time to find a parking spot further away where there’s less chance of anyone touching your car. The extra walking is good for you.

3. Keep it in the Garage

The second most damaging place to keep your car is anywhere outside, including your driveway. From the neighbourhood kids to blowing leaves and debris, it’s a hostile world out there for your car’s paint finish. Your garage offers protection from it all and the elements that can weaken the paint finish. Just make sure to not store anything near your vehicle that can fall on it and, yes, scratch it.

If your vehicle has seen more than its fair share of scratches and dents, take advantage of Leons Xpress Scratch & Dent Repair. Your vehicle will look like new again and gets you back on the road in less than 48 hours.

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