3 Body Paint Problems & What You Can Do About Them


It’s here Toronto! It’s finally time to have fun in the sun because the all-too-short summer has finally arrived. But, as much as we love to romp and frolic under the sun, too much of it is bad for our skin, and it isn’t exactly good for your car’s paint finish either.

Luckily, while you might get a sunburn after just one afternoon in the sun, your car’s finish only degrades over time from continued exposure to the sun.

And the sun isn’t the only enemy of your car’s finish. Even the oxygen in the air works to breakdown molecules in the paint, which over time will cause the paint to have a dull, ‘oxidized’ appearance.

Oxidization is just the first of a few different paint problems that can happen to your car over time. Here’s a short list of those problems and some of what you can do to prevent or delay them from happening.


As mentioned, oxygen molecules in the air breakdown molecules in the paint on your car, changing the paint’s finish from shiny to dull. Regularly washing your car can help stave off oxidization. But if the car is already a victim of oxidization, you can apply a high-quality rubbing compound to restore the shine to the paint. Be careful, the rubbing compound actually takes off the oxidized layer of the paint, leaving a little less paint for next time.


Your car’s paint finish is made of three basic layers, the primer, the paint and the top coat. If the paint was not applied properly, or if moisture gets not the paint layers from a scratch or though rust, those basic layers can peel away from each other. There’s not much you can do to prevent paint peeling once it starts. The best defence is to keep a close on your car’s body for small scratches and dents and have them properly repaired occasionally (at Leon’s!!!).


Bumps or craters can appear in the finish of a car that’s been poorly repainted (not at Leon’s!!!). They are caused when air or particles are trapped below the paint during the painting process. Craters form when air bubbles pop. Can you guess the only way to avoid paint bubbles from forming in your paint? That’s right! Don’t get it painted by the repair centre that gives you the lowest quote. Get it painted at a professional shop (like Leon’s!!!)

You’ll have even more fun in the sun this summer when you cruise on down the road with a clean, shiny paint finish on your car.

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