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This is Why Your Bumper Colour Doesn’t Match the Rest of the Car Paint After Auto Body Repairs

September 24 2018 |
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It’s one of the most common complaints on the auto body repair business. you take your car to a repair shop after a collision. They fix it, and, when you pick it up, the car looks pretty good. But there’s something not quite right.

In the worst cases, you might spot the problem right away. In others, it might take a few days.

In any case, following an auto body repair, many car owners notice that the paint colour of their front and back bumpers don’t quite match the paint on the body panels. It’s one of those things that seem so slight that you try not to notice. But every time you see your vehicle, the colour difference jumps out at you.

Why Car Paint Colours on Your Bumper & Body Panels Don’t Match After Collision Repairs

Mismatched bumper colours, and other car paint matching problems, can be due to one or more of the following.

1. Metal vs Plastic

Unless you drive a classic, your car’s bumper is made and finished with a blend of plastic compounds. They make the bumper more flexible to meet government standards for surviving low-speed collisions without damage.
But a paint colour can vary depending on the material that is being painted. So the paint the body shop chose might look different on the plastic bumper than it does on the metal body panels.

2. The Body Was Painted Separately from the Bumper

Sometimes a collision repair centre will get a pre-painted replacement bumper from their supplier, and paint the body panels themselves. Result? Mismatched paint colours.

3. Only the Bumper or Only the Body Panels were Painted

Matching paint colours that have been on the car for some time with the colour of the new paint on the repair is not easy.  

At Leons Auto Body, we use the PPG paint system which is understood to be the finest in the world. It means you get an accurate, computer-generated colour match every time whether you paint different materials, paint at different times, or match a weather-worn colour,. Contact us here at Leons to find out more.

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