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Beware of Auto Body Repair Scams

March 28 2018 |
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The collision repair business is an unlicensed industry in Ontario. Add that to the fact that most people don’t regularly get collision repair work done, and it makes  conditions that are ripe for auto body repair scams. While car washes, gas stations, mechanical repair shops and auto body repair shops in Canada must have a… Read More

4 Reasons Why Auto Body Repair Estimates Vary

February 28 2018 |
Posted in: NewsEstimatesTips |

Like just about everything else you get estimates for, like home renovations, it pays to get more than one quote for any auto body repair work you might need. But instead of finding the lowest price, getting multiple quotes for collision repair really has more to do with finding the best value for your money…. Read More

Why Your Car’s Body and Your Teeth Have a Lot in Common

February 23 2018 |
Posted in: NewsTips |

Both need regular checkups. Without professional repairs from a qualified practitioner, both will end up turning brown and decay until it you can’t them any longer. On the other hand, both will last virtually forever if they get the attention they need. But there’s one big difference between how you care for your car’s body… Read More

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