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How To Fix Curb Rash in 4 Steps

May 14 2019 |
Posted in: News |

Sometimes you know exactly when it happens. There’s the unmistakable teeth-rattling scratchiness of a cement curb permanently etching its imprint into your alloy wheels. Other times, you just suddenly notice it, not sure where it came from, but still knowing it’s not ever going anywhere. Unless you learn how to fix curb rash. It usually… Read More

Repaint or Car Wrap? Things to Consider

April 23 2019 |
Posted in: NewsCar Paint |

Like us humans, a vehicle will eventually show its age. Unlike us humans, you can make your car look like new again fairly quickly and easily. The only problem you have is to choose the best way to do that: repaint the car or use a car wrap. Previously used mainly to put advertising on… Read More

How To Maintain Your Tesla

April 09 2019 |
Posted in: NewsTips |

You’re already well aware of the first thing you must know about how to maintain a Tesla. Whether you’re an owner of a top-of-the-line Tesla Model S, or a Model 3, or if driving a Tesla is still just a dream, you know this is a car with a difference. And maintaining it is different… Read More

7 DIY Engine Detailing Tips

March 14 2019 |
Posted in: NewsDetailing |

Most people never bother to detail their vehicle’s engine. Why would they? No one ever sees the engine and its always so filthy. But when you consider the advantages of engine detailing, including a better-running, longer-lasting engine, and higher resale value, it can make a big difference 7 Steps to Detail a Vehicle’s Engine Cleaning… Read More

How To Boost A Car

February 16 2019 |
Posted in: NewsTips |

It can seem like the simplest thing in the world, but it could also literally explode in your face. There’s never a good time to discover your car has a dead battery. In fact, car batteries are most likely to call it quits when it’s freezing cold outside. But it can only get better by… Read More

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