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7 DIY Engine Detailing Tips

March 14 2019 |
Posted in: NewsDetailing |

Most people never bother to detail their vehicle’s engine. Why would they? No one ever sees the engine and its always so filthy. But when you consider the advantages of engine detailing, including a better-running, longer-lasting engine, and higher resale value, it can make a big difference 7 Steps to Detail a Vehicle’s Engine Cleaning… Read More

How To Boost A Car

February 16 2019 |
Posted in: NewsTips |

It can seem like the simplest thing in the world, but it could also literally explode in your face. There’s never a good time to discover your car has a dead battery. In fact, car batteries are most likely to call it quits when it’s freezing cold outside. But it can only get better by… Read More

The 7 Steps in How To Fix Rust On A Car

February 07 2019 |
Posted in: NewsBody RepairTips |

It’s inevitable. The old saying should be “nothing is certain but death, taxes and rust on the sheet metal of your vehicle”. And that’s especially true here in Toronto’s often damp climate and salt-strewn winter roads. Rust can cut short the lifespan of your car. You’ll need to replace it sooner and that costs you… Read More

Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

January 23 2019 |
Posted in: NewsEstimatesServiceTipsSafety |

Buying a used car can be a smart investment. The value of a used vehicle depreciates at a lower rate than the value of a new vehicle. But that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy the first pre-owned car you find. Hidden problems can turn your investment into a money pit. To help… Read More

How to Take Care of Leather Seats

January 09 2019 |
Posted in: News |

Every time you get into your vehicle, they remind you of how glad you are that someone invented leather upholstery. But, no matter how much we love the natural leather interior of our vehicles, we don’t always know how to take care of leather seats. 5 Steps to Properly Clean Leather Car Seats The first… Read More

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