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How to Take Care of Leather Seats

January 09 2019 |
Posted in: News |

Every time you get into your vehicle, they remind you of how glad you are that someone invented leather upholstery. But, no matter how much we love the natural leather interior of our vehicles, we don’t always know how to take care of leather seats. 5 Steps to Properly Clean Leather Car Seats The first… Read More

How To Take Care Of Your Car During Winter

December 19 2018 |
Posted in: News |

If you want to get an idea of what your car is up against in winter months, think about how well you do outside in the freezing cold temperatures versus the nice warm summer’s day. Even though your car is mechanical, operating in winter weather has its challenges. So it pays to learn more about… Read More

The Best Places to Take Photos of Your Car in Toronto

December 05 2018 |
Posted in: NewsTips |

Your car is cool. You love posting photos of it. But somehow you can never get your shots to look like what you see in other profiles. While a lot goes into taking a great shot, the setting is one of the most important factors. So finding the best places to take photos of your… Read More

The First Thing You Must Do to Avoid Collisions this Winter

November 22 2018 |
Posted in: NewsCollisionTipsSafety |

If you want to drive safely and avoid collisions this winter, you need to adjust your driving practices to suit the weather. Of course, you should drive more slowly in slippery conditions; keep distance between you and the vehicles ahead of you, and be even more alert for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. Before… Read More

3 Automotive Safety-Related Gift Ideas for the Drivers on Your list

November 15 2018 |
Posted in: NewsTips |

It’s the hap-hap-happiest time of the year. Except you have a list of family and friends to buy for and coming up with gift ideas is never easy. If you’re an avid gift shopper, there’s nothing worse than having to settle for a novelty gift or gift certificate because you just couldn’t find the right… Read More

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