How Scratch & Dent Repair Improves Your Car’s ‘Curb Appeal’


It seems like, no matter how hard you try after getting a new car, sooner or later, it’s ready for scratch and dent repair. It’s like just about everything that comes near your car, from the neighbourhood kids to enyone who parks beside you at the mall, poses a treat to the car’s shiny, smooth finish.

For most people, and for most of the time, everyday scratches and dents are not really a problem. If you fixed every one you got, your car might never be out of the body shop. They happen.

But there’s one time that all those dings could end up costing you money. When it’s time to sell the car.


When it’s time to sell your car, the single most important factor in determining its value is how much mileage it has. There’s no denying that a car doesn’t last forever and every kilometre on the odometer is one kilometre closer to the end of the car’s life.

But the condition of the car is highly important too. IN fact, when Investopedia listed the factors that affect a used car’s value, it said “condition is more subjective than mileage… but it’s as important as mileage in assessing value.”

While the ‘subjective’ bit means that different people will have different opinions about the condition of your car. But, ultimately, how your car looks is as important as its mileage it getting a higher price for your car when you sell it.

When you’re selling a house, it’s essential that a buyer will make a decision to buy within 30 seconds of seeing the house from the street – or curb. So the ‘curb appeal’ of the home, how it looks from the street, it very important to getting your asking price.

Similarly, how your car looks is as important as anything in getting the highest price.

Car appraisers who assess the value of used cars for publications like Black Book use four grades for a car, including ‘Excellent’, ‘Good’, ‘Fair’ and ‘Poor’. It’s generally understood that, due to the importance of the condition of a car in getting the highest value for it, just a few scratched and dents are enough to take a car from a higher grade to a lower grade.

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