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Are These Toronto’s Worst Intersections for Car Accidents?

April 30 2018 |
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he good news is that it might not be that are entirely at fault in car accidents, it also has a lot the road conditions and even the intersection you’re driving through.

Toronto Police Services keep data on collision rates across the city. Every so often, an enterprising reporter or bloggist mines the information and puts together a list of street intersections where the most collisions occur.

With the stopping and starting, and the criss-crossing of cars, more automobile collisions occur in intersections than anywhere else. While some intersections might have more accidents than others, congestion, visibility, weather conditions, high speeds and dangerous turns can all contribute to an increase in collisions in any intersection.

In any case, we thought we’d look at more than one list of ‘worst intersections’ and see if we spotted any that were on more than one list, or any other patterns that might helps us all avoid collisions.

We looked at lists going back to 2008 and up to 2013.  Interestingly, we didn’t find any intersections that appeared on more than one list. But we did spot the following:

1. Drive Carefully on Lake Shore Blvd.!

Again, accidents can happen anywhere and for any number of reasons. But intersections along Lake Shore Blvd. showed up many times on the lists we researched. They include Lake Shore and Lower Jarvis; the Don Roadway; Spadina and Bathurst.

2. Beware of Intersections of More Than Two Streets

Especially in the west end, Toronto has its fair share of multi-street intersections. Those at Dupont, Annette and Dundas; and Dundas, Kipling and Bloor W., were listed.

3. Downtown and the Suburbs

You might think that downtown might see more accidents because of increased congestion, but the inner suburbs see their fair share of accidents too. Sheppard and Morningside, near the Toronto Zoo in Scarborough, is probably the most remote intersection from downtown to make a list.

No matter where you drive in Toronto, please drive with caution and awareness. We don’t want you to visit us here at Leons Auto Body for the wrong reasons!   

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