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3 Automotive Safety-Related Gift Ideas for the Drivers on Your list

November 15 2018 |
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It’s the hap-hap-happiest time of the year. Except you have a list of family and friends to buy for and coming up with gift ideas is never easy. If you’re an avid gift shopper, there’s nothing worse than having to settle for a novelty gift or gift certificate because you just couldn’t find the right item.

Fear not. If you have anyone on your list who drives a car, we have you covered. One of the great things about driving and car-related gifts is that they’re not just for show, but they are incredibly useful.

Your Automotive Safety-Related Gift List

Safety-related automotive gifts take your gift giving to another level. Not only is your gift practical, but it can help drivers in emergencies or if they suffer a collision.

  1. A Dash Cam – This is one that may not help you in an emergency, or prevent you from having a car accident, but it offers a lot of protection none-the-less. Faked car accidents, staged as part of a scam to defraud unwitting drivers and insurance companies, area growing problem. Perpetrators will stop in front of a vehicle on the road, then back into them. They will later claim the vehicle behind crashed into them. In case you think this can’t happen to you, check out this news story from right here in Toronto.
  2. CAA Membership – Whether it’s a road emergency or a collision, it helps to know there’s someone you can call for help no matter where you are. The cost of a CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) membership might be more reasonable than you think too.
  3. Garage Parking Sensor – While most of us park our cars in the garage to protect them, the garage can also be the place where lots of little dents and scratches can happen. Every garage owner knows how difficult it is to judge distances in the cramped space. This garage parking sensor will flash green until you get too close to the garage wall, then it flashes red to tell you to stop before you damage your car.

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