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What To Do After A Car Accident In Ontario

June 19 2019 |
Posted in: Safety |

Of course, if you’re involved in a car accident, you must stop your vehicle and remain at the scene. The following steps tell you what to do after that. Turn on Your Hazard Lights – As soon as you determine that you are OK, turn on your vehicle’s flashing hazard lights to warn the other… Read More

Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

January 23 2019 |
Posted in: NewsEstimatesServiceTipsSafety |

Buying a used car can be a smart investment. The value of a used vehicle depreciates at a lower rate than the value of a new vehicle. But that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy the first pre-owned car you find. Hidden problems can turn your investment into a money pit. To help… Read More

The First Thing You Must Do to Avoid Collisions this Winter

November 22 2018 |
Posted in: NewsCollisionTipsSafety |

If you want to drive safely and avoid collisions this winter, you need to adjust your driving practices to suit the weather. Of course, you should drive more slowly in slippery conditions; keep distance between you and the vehicles ahead of you, and be even more alert for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. Before… Read More

How Winter Tires Help You Avoid Collisions

October 17 2018 |
Posted in: NewsTipsSafety |

Yes. It’s only October and hopefully we’re still at least a month away from any real snow. But this is Toronto and anything can happen. So we thought this may be the best time to talk about winter tires. If you already switch to winter tires each year, you may be able to get your… Read More

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