5 Car Gifts That Will Keep You Out of the Body Shop


It never seems to get any easier. In fact, it always seems to get more difficult. Coming up with Christmas car gifts for everyone on your list is about feels more like a calculus exam that a celebration of the season.

Sure, you can come ups with something unique, for three times your budget. Or you can always give a gift card and let the recipient decide for him or herself what to buy. But can you do that every year?

We’d like to suggest one way to help you get more ideas for each person on your list.


If you pick one thing about each recipient, whether it’s a hobby, interest, what they do for a living, or whatever, and think about gifts related to that thing, you might stand a better chance of finding something different this year.

To give you an idea of what we mean, here’s a list of gift ideas for the everyday driver on our list to help them avoid getting into a collision, and needing to take their car into an auto body shop for repairs.


Not seeing a car approaching from behind you, and making a lane change at the same time, is a recipe for a collision disaster. Shoulder checks are a must when making a lane change, but the 180-degee rear view you get from this mirror will keep you more aware of everything going on behind you.


Car owners might decide to avoid the costs of body repair from the slight scratches and dings that a bad hail storm can create, but that doesn’t mean they like them. So why not give the car owner on your list an inflatable hail protector which offers protection against hail and all kinds of bad weather.


Distracted driving, including using mobile devices while behind the wheel, causes more accidents than drunk driving. We all know not to do it, but it’s very tempting. If you know a driver who can’t resist the using their phones while driving, why not give them a cell phone holder so they can go ‘hands-free’.


There are few feelings more shocking than the jolt you get when you back-up into a car, wall or other object. Not only might you damage your car, but you might damage someone else’s too. While lots of new models come with back-up cameras as standard equipment, many older models don’t have them. Unless you give one as a gift.


Low air pressure in your tires can make your car more difficult to handle, especially in emergency avoidance situations that might lead to an accident. All drivers should check the tire pressures of their cars regularly and inflate them according to the tire manufacturer’s recommendations.But the problem is tire pressure gauges, which are notoriously difficult to read. This digital pressure gauge produces an accurate, easy to read and understand read out to help users quickly know if its time to pump up their tires.

And at the price shown, you can make it a stocking stuffer for every car owner on your list.

You want every gift you give to be appreciated and used by everyone you give them to. While there’s no guaranteeing that reaction for any gift, at least you know that these car gifts are meant to keep the recipients safer on the road.

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