Is Your Car Ready for Summer?


They may not last as long as we would like, but summers in the Greater Toronto Area can get very hot and the high temperatures can put a strain on a number of your car’s systems. It can save you a lot of aggravation, and even help you avoid collisions and auto body repair, when you take the necessary steps t make sure your car is ready for summer.


It’s the one thing between you and an overheated engine. Make sure your radiator fluid levels are topped-up. And re-check fluid levels a few times during the summer, especially if it’s a hot one. Warmer temperatures cause the radiator to use more fluid to keep the engine cool.


Check the AC before the really hot temperatures get here. The first and easiest-to-spot symptom of an AC problem is no cold air coming from the vents when the AC is operating. It could be just low refrigerant or a more serious problem.


Between the hotter temperatures and the increased amount of driving most of us do, your tires tend to suffer more wear and tear in the warmer months. Like your radiator, you should check air pressure and tire tread wear often throughout the summer. Low pressure or worn tires can affect you car’s handling and increase your chances of losing control in certain situations. And remember to check your spare tire, including air pressure, to make sure it’s ready to go if and when needed.


Some of the added driving we do in summer comes from day trips and road trips that take us further away from home, and emergency services, than normal,. Even if your car has an emergency kit, make sure everything in it is in good order. It doesn’t hurt to add fresh bandages, batteries and first-aid creams. Also make sure you include fresh bottled water and a good sunscreen.

Chances are you’ll enjoy a great, trouble-free summer of driving. But it never hurts to be prepared for emergencies and make sure your car is ready for the hot weather.

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