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5 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Spring

February 24 2017 |
Posted in: News |

It is with great pleasure that we write a post about ‘getting ready for spring’! It’s just around the corner and you’ll soon be outside polishing up the car.

But winter can be tough on your car in more ways than simply making it dirty. If you start your planning to get your car ready for spring now, it’ll be in great shape to enjoy some motoring when the really good weather gets here.

1. Get Rid of the Salt

It’s the worst enemy of your car’s chassis and body panels. Go to a car wash that sprays the undercarriage of the vehicle. Hand wash your car too and try to get into the body seams where salt can get stuck and do its rusty work.

2. Put on Your Summer Tires

This might be obvious, but delaying too long can be costly. Once temperatures climb above 7 degrees Celsius, it’s time to switch tires. It will reduce the wear on your snow tires and improve the performance of your car. Make sure to check your tire pressure and wheel alignment after you make the switch.

3. Check Your Air Conditioner

The worst time to find out your AC isn’t working is when you turn it on for the first time on a sweltering day in July. Check it now and make sure it’s blowing cold.

4. Clean Your Foot Mats

They’re probably caked in salt. Clean them off, and the rest of the interior, to wipe away all signs of winter.

5. Time for a Tune-Up?

If you haven’t tuned-up your car since last summer, or even changed the oil, the early spring is a good time to do so before you get into those long summer road trips.


It’s simple tasks like these that can help extend the life of your vehicle, prevent corrosion and keep your car in peak operating condition.

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