4 Hazards of Driving in the Fall


You know to reduce your speed and be more cautious when driving in slippery conditions like rain, ice and snow. But has anyone ever told you to watch out for slippery leaves?

We’re very fortunate to live in a climate of many changing seasons here in Toronto. While some of us might wish it was summer all year long, there’s a lot to be said about the beauty of watching autumn’s colours and enjoying the first warm days of spring.

But each season brings with it the need to be ready for different driving conditions and the fall is no exception. Here are just a few of the hazards of driving in the fall that you should prepare for to reduce your chances of a collision and, even worse, personal injury.


Many of us enjoy living in ‘leafy’ neighbourhoods. But when enough leaves accumulate to completely cover the road, and then get wet, they can also become as slippery as ice. They can also cover potholes, bumps, objects and markings on the road. Please be very cautious any time you’re driving through an accumulation of leaves.


For the first time since spring, the sun is low in the sky. Even on familiar routes, you may turn onto a roadway and be unexpectedly blinded by sunlight that you didn’t expect. Be sure to keep your windshield clean inside and out and have a pair of sunglasses at the ready too.


Every year, we all have to adjust to the shorter days of fall. But people are still out enjoying the relatively warm weather, including children playing, even after darkness falls. Always drive with caution, especially at dusk and the early evening hours.


This year we enjoyed a warm beginning to fall with higher temperatures than many summer days. But by the end of the season, we could be driving in snow and ice. In between, you can expect the unexpected, including fog patches and wet roads that ice up as nighttime temperatures drop. Keep an eye on weather reports, including road conditions and be ready for anything.

It’s a beautiful time of year. Please do everything you can to enjoy it accident-free!

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