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8 Steps to Wax Your Car the Right Way

August 18 2018 |
Posted in: NewsDIYTips |

After we told you last time about the best way to wash your car while protecting its paint finish, we realized we didn’t quite finish the job. To give your paint finish as much protection as possible, you should follow washing your car with an application of wax at least twice a year. Long ago,… Read More

6 Tips for Washing Your Car to Protect its Paint Finish

July 27 2018 |
Posted in: NewsCar PaintTips |

Summer time means fun in the sun. But it can also mean chores that you don’t have in winter, like cleaning the windows and taking care of the lawn. But there’s one summertime ‘chore’ that many drivers look forward to. Washing the car by hand. But, just like everything else about car care, there’s a… Read More

Why It’s a Mistake to Only Look at the Bottom Line of Collision Repair Estimates

If you get into a car accident, hopefully no one is injured. But even if everyone walks away unharmed, the collision can be just the beginning of your headaches.  Among other things, you’ll need to get a few collision repair estimates. Most drivers only use auto body repair shops a few times in their lives…. Read More

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