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How To Change A Tire On A Rim: The Ultimate Guide

May 22 2019 |
Posted in: NewsDIYTips |

It sounds like a tough job. How do you remove and replace a car tire on a rim? But, if you own a bicycle, you may be familiar with the process because its just about exactly the same. The main difference between changing car tires and bike tires that are on rims is how easy… Read More

8 Steps to Wax Your Car the Right Way

August 18 2018 |
Posted in: NewsDIYTips |

After we told you last time about the best way to wash your car while protecting its paint finish, we realized we didn’t quite finish the job. To give your paint finish as much protection as possible, you should follow washing your car with an application of wax at least twice a year. Long ago,… Read More

8 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Car Before Selling

October 28 2016 |
Posted in: NewsDIYTips |

If you’ve ever hunted for a used car, you’ll know that prices can range significantly for cars that are the same model and year. There are lots of reasons for some of the differences, including the odometer reading, the trim level of the car, customization (which can add or subtract from the final selling price,… Read More

5 Reasons Why DIY Auto Body Repair is a Mistake

July 18 2016 |
Posted in: NewsBody RepairDIY |

From self-diagnosis of health issues, to home improvements and even publishing your own book, the internet has spawned an explosion of do-it-yourself information, images and videos to create just about anything you can imagine.  (Solar hot air heating system anyone?). And DIY auto body repairs are one of the most popular online subjects of all…. Read More

5 Do-It-Yourself Car Detailing Tips for Summer

May 13 2016 |
Posted in: NewsDetailingDIY |

We’re not complaining, but it’s like we’re in a never-ending early spring here in Toronto. But, if the temperatures haven’t been quite warm enough to spend an afternoon giving your car the cleaning and attention it deserves, they soon will be. If anyone asked “what are the worst conditions for the body of a car?”,… Read More

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