It’s a work of art, a piece of history and a source of pride and enjoyment. There’s nothing quite like owning and driving your own classic automobile – even if you’re the only one to consider it a classic.

But, if it looks anything but classic right now, Leons classic car restoration services will make it look as good as it ever did.

From full body-off restorations, to cosmetic upgrades and refinishing, Leons’ team of restoration, auto body and paint finishing professionals will return your vehicle to original condition with a faithful attention to detail.

  • Your car is disassembled as needed and given a full inspection to assess its current condition
  • Starting with the chassis, Leons uses its up-to-date equipment, in the hands of seasoned restoration specialists, to repair and restore each section of your vehicle
  • Final vehicle finishing is completed in Leons modern paint shop using the finest water-based automotive paints and clearcoat
Your restoration isn’t finished until your final inspection confirms it. Then, hop in, turn the key and realize: it is really you in that beautiful classic automobile.

Some of our restoration projects in progress: