Your car only looks as good as the car paint that finishes it.

That’s why Leons only finishes your car with the Glasurit paint system, the world’s finest automotive paint.

  • Accurate, Computerized Colour Matching
  • Superior Durability
  • Resistant to scratches and fading
  • Meets or exceeds your car’s original paint standards

The rich, liquid Glasurit colours are applied in Leons’ state-of-the-art 4,000 sq. ft. paint shop with five paint bays/prep stations that move your car quickly through the complete process.

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    Environmentally Responsible

    Leons Car Paint Shop is great for your car, and it’s good for the environment too.

    • EPA-approved Solvent Recycling System
    • High-volume, low-pressure spray guns reduce paint waste
    • Air filtration system
    • Spray Mask masking
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    The Right People

    There’s more to a great finish than the best paint and equipment. Leons certified automotive paint technicians are highly trained and experienced in ensuring your car is returned to its original condition.

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    Lifetime Warranty

    We’re so confident in the skills of our people and the quality of our work that we offer a lifetime warranty on all the paint and finishing work we do for your vehicle.

Whole Car Painting

There’s a difference between a car that’s simply been repainted, and one with an immaculate, factory-fresh finish.

When Leons repaints your car, we start by ensuring the body is solid and free of old paint and rust. We remove all mirrors, trim and accessories to get to the places you don’t see.

Stripping the car also makes it easier to apply the top-quality liquid primer, and the paint colour of your choice, evenly across the entire body of the car. Then it’s all baked on under infrared heat lamps for a great looking, long-lasting finish.

Get ready to fall in love with your vehicle all over again.

Spot Painting

It might be a small scratch, but it takes skill and care to make it disappear. If the scratch is through the paint, the area is sanded to bare metal and the primer is applied to prevent rust. The damaged area is then painted and our top quality clear coat is applied. Dents are rebuilt and blended into the surrounding area. Rust inhibitor is applied before a primer coat. Then surface paints are meticulously matched and seamlessly applied and protected with a tough, mirror-like clearcoat finish.

Think you know where the scratch was? You’ll only be guessing.

Clear Coat

Top-quality clearcoat finishes bring out the shine and enhance the colour of your vehicle. The higher the quality, the richer the colour and the glassier the finish. Leons applies only the best quality clearcoats to your car. And, like skilled craftsmen, our seasoned paint technicians get a perfect finish every time.

If you think your car can’t look any better than it does now, get ready for a pleasant surprise.