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How to Lower Your Car Insurance Rates in Toronto and the GTA

July 18 2019 |
Posted in: Insurance |

Like you couldn’t already guess by your monthly bill, but car insurance rates in Toronto and many cities in the GTA are among the highest in the country. Recent car insurance company reports found that Ontario, with average annual car insurance premiums of $1,445, is the second most expensive province in Canada to insure a car.

Cities With the Highest Auto Insurance Rates in Ontario

The same reports found that drivers in four GTA cities and the city of Toronto faced the highest costs for auto insurance coverage in the province.

At $2,494, drivers in Brampton paid the highest average premiums in the province. The next three most expensive cities for annual auto insurance premiums are Vaughan ($2,128), Mississauga ($2,086) and Richmond Hill ($2,033). Toronto drivers face an average premium of $1,948 annually. And don’t be surprised if your auto insurance in Toronto and the GTA costs more than the averages listed here because rates can vary from one postal code to another within the same city.


4 Tips to Get More Affordable Auto Insurance  

If there is anything good about the high cost of car insurance in Toronto and the GTA, it is that you could save yourself a lot of money by using one or more of the following premium-reducing tips.

  1. Keep Your Driving Record Clean – Fewer car accidents and moving violations not only reduce the chance of visiting an auto body shop, but they make it easier to keep your auto insurance premiums at a minimum.
  2. Get Your Auto and Home Insurance from the Same Company – Most Canadian insurers will give you a discount for getting home and auto insurance from them.

  3. Increase Your Deductible – The deductible on your insurance policy is the amount you will pay to cover car repairs needed because of an “at fault” accident, regardless of your insurance coverage. Standard deductibles are $500, but insurance companies may let you increase the deductible to $1,000 or more. The higher your deductible, the more you are responsible to pay for insured accident repairs, but the less you will pay in premiums.

  4. Install Snow Tires (or maybe not) – Insurance companies offer a reduction in premiums, usually 5%, if you install snow tires for winter driving. For an average  $2,000 annual premium, that’s yearly savings of $100. But, even a less expensive snow tire, and a steel wheel to mount it on, are in the $100 each range, or $800 for four. Without even considering the costs of changing the wheels on your car twice a year, it’ll take you at least eight years to recoup the cost of the wheels and tires through lower premium rates.


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