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How To Fix A Hole In A Plastic Bumper

July 28 2019 |
Posted in: ServiceBumpers |

No matter how hard you try, you really can’t stop your car’s bumper from suffering scratches and even puncture holes. You may be really cautious, but the other cars in the parking lot might not be. Luckily, with the right tools and techniques, you can fix a hole in a plastic bumper fairly easily and… Read More

This is Why it Costs So Much to Repair Your Car’s Bumper

September 15 2017 |
Posted in: NewsBody RepairBumpers |

While they were invented in 1901, bumpers didn’t start appearing on most North American cars until the 1920s. By then, automobiles had become affordable for just about everyone and roads became more congested. All those cars started ‘bumping’ into each other, and other things, more often. Every time they did, the collision damaged a valuable… Read More

When a Fender Bender Does More than Just Bend Your Fender

April 08 2016 |
Posted in: NewsBumpers |

It might seem that, with all the hyping of “5-Star” insurance safety ratings for crash-worthiness, that today’s cars could withstand just about any minor collision with nary a scratch. But that belief sets up many a motorist for a very unpleasant and costly surprise when they get into what, at first, seems like a minor… Read More

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