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Independent Auto Body Shops vs. “Big Box” Franchise Shops

July 29 2016 |
Posted in: NewsService |

Whether you just want to maximize the lifetime of your vehicle by keeping its body panels in good shape, or you suffered an unfortunate accident, you’re about to do something that you don’t do very often. You need to find a reliable auto body repair and car paint shop.

When you search online, you’ll notice a mix of independently-owned and operated shops and franchise operations, some of whose names you might be familiar with.

It’s tempting to go with a name you know, but it could be the worst decision you make throughout the whole process. Just like if you’re looking for the best burger in town, McDonald’s would be the last place you visit, if you want the best body repair for your car, the franchises with the catchy slogans are not the place to find it.

Like McDonald’s, franchise automotive body repair shops turn the work into an assembly line process. They need to maintain a certain volume of business, they are not well equipped to handle anything that isn’t a straight forward repair, and they rely on referrals from insurance companies who use them because of the cheap prices.

There are a number of other reasons you should avoid using franchise repair shops and here are just a few.

1. Inferior Repairs

The “churn ‘em out” approach to body repair inevitably means short-cuts are used to maintain the work volume. Your car is at risk of suffering shoddy workmanship like the use of filler when the original metal could have been repaired; paint over-spray on the trim; poor paint colour matching and bad paint finishes.

2. They’re Not Working for You

Any body shop that relies on work from insurance companies are not dependent on your satisfaction. When an insurance company is obligated to pay for your bodywork, they want to do so as cheaply as possible, so they choose a franchise. You don’t have to use the body shop that your insurance company sends you to – and if you want your vehicle properly repaired, you shouldn’t.

3. Independent Shops Might be Less Expensive

First of all, getting quality, professional and guaranteed body repairs at an independent auto body shop does not cost that much more than at the franchises. And when you include the cost of lower resale value and a shorter lifespan for your car, it can be less expensive to use a professional shop.

ONE MORE THINGS: the franchise shops are really good and promoting an incredibly low price in their advertising to paint your car. First, it is highly unlikely that, if your car’s body is in good enough shape to be painted without at least some repair, then it shouldn’t need painting. And that’s how they get you into the shop and start adding all the extra costs that are part of every body repair.

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