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How Winter Tires Can Keep your Car Out of the Body Shop

November 25 2017 |
Posted in: NewsTipsSafety |

The old saying goes something like this: “nothing’s for sure except death and taxes”. We don’t want to challenge the wisdom of any age-old sayings, but we’d like to at least add to this one. “Nothing’s for sure except death, taxes … and winter”. Winter’s arrival brings lots of changes to our lives, like having… Read More

It’s Time to Change Our Perception of Distracted Driving

October 17 2017 |
Posted in: NewsSafety |

We’re very fortunate here at Leon’s Auto Body because we really enjoy what we do. There’s nothing more satisfying than having a damaged or rusted car come into our shop and then watch it go out the door looking like new. But there’s a more serious side to what we do that we wish didn’t… Read More

4 Hazards of Driving in the Fall

September 25 2017 |
Posted in: NewsSafety |

You know to reduce your speed and be more cautious when driving in slippery conditions like rain, ice and snow. But has anyone ever told you to watch out for slippery leaves? We’re very fortunate to live in a climate of many changing seasons here in Toronto. While some of us might wish it was… Read More

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