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7 DIY Engine Detailing Tips

March 14 2019 |
Posted in: NewsDetailing |

Most people never bother to detail their vehicle’s engine. Why would they? No one ever sees the engine and its always so filthy. But when you consider the advantages of engine detailing, including a better-running, longer-lasting engine, and higher resale value, it can make a big difference 7 Steps to Detail a Vehicle’s Engine Cleaning… Read More

3 Things to Look for After Your Car has Had a Collision Repair

Even if it was only minor, it’s very difficult to tell exactly what’s been done to your car when you’ve had a collision repair. Yes, the part that was dented and scratched is no longer dented, the scratch is gone and the paint looks nice and shiny. But other than that, how do you know… Read More

5 Do-It-Yourself Car Detailing Tips for Summer

May 13 2016 |
Posted in: NewsDetailingDIY |

We’re not complaining, but it’s like we’re in a never-ending early spring here in Toronto. But, if the temperatures haven’t been quite warm enough to spend an afternoon giving your car the cleaning and attention it deserves, they soon will be. If anyone asked “what are the worst conditions for the body of a car?”,… Read More

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