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Car Paint

What to do When Your Car’s Paint is Scratched or Chipped

August 09 2017 |
Posted in: NewsCar Paint |

Probably every car owner has felt the same sinking feeling when they see the first scratch in the paint of their new(ish) car. It’s like the first sign that the car isn’t ‘new’ any more. With the added mileage your car gets in the summer, chances are higher that you’ll also pick up a new… Read More

3 Body Paint Problems & What You Can Do About Them

July 13 2017 |
Posted in: NewsCar Paint |

It’s here Toronto! It’s finally time to have fun in the sun because the all-too-short summer has finally arrived. But, as much as we love to romp and frolic under the sun, too much of it is bad for our skin, and it isn’t exactly good for your car’s paint finish either. Luckily, while you… Read More

Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Paint Finish

May 05 2017 |
Posted in: NewsCar Paint |

When your car’s body and its paint finish are in good shape, at least your car looks great, no matter what else might actually be wrong with it. And simply having a great finish is almost as important a mechanical fitness when it comes time t sell. But just driving your car around every day… Read More

The Importance of Car Paint Finishing for Auto Repair

April 29 2016 |
Posted in: NewsCar Paint |

It doesn’t look good. You’ve just been involved in an accident and, while everyone’s okay, your car is a crumpled mess and looks like it’ll never be the same again. The extensive body damage that cars can suffer, even from relatively minor collisions, can make car owners become concerned about ever getting the car back… Read More

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